Calalus Charities

Veteran Service Organization "VSO" - 501c3 Nonprofit Organization 

Welcome to Calalus

Calalus provides direct supportive services to homeless Veterans and the underserved community. Since our inception in 2014, Calalus has helped provide solutions in Metro Atlanta that have helped those seeking food, emergency services and shelter. In general with our community partners services include dental, health care, case management, employment training, housing, job placement assistance, substance abuse counseling, life skills training, substance abuse prevention and social skills development. Clients receive a screening interview prior to admission into programs to ensure they meet program requirements.


Our Team

Calalus helps to provides primary basic care and substance abuse, mental health, and outreach services within a case management framework for persons who are homeless in Metro Atlanta.  Advocating for universal health care and for the improvement of current systems intended to serve people who are poor and homeless while researching critical issues, organize health care, service agencies, and homeless people themselves to improve care and collaborates with a broad range of public and private entities interested in the problems of health care and homelessness



Increase in homeless prevention services.

Transition individuals and families to affordable permanent housing.                                                                          Increase public involment and support of homeless issues.                                                                                      Maximize educational and job readiness support for homeless citizens.                                                                       Provide access to job training and employment placement services.                                                                                      Reduce the number of homeless people in shelters.                                                                                                            Strengthen and develop partnerships with other organizations




Our Mission

Street Teams

Food Security

Food Distributions

Medical Assistance

Community Outreach

Behavioral Services