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Health Care for the Homeless project provides primary basic care and substance abuse, mental health, and outreach services within a case management framework for persons who are homeless in Metro Atlanta.  Advocating for universal health care and for the improvement of current systems intended to serve people who are poor and homeless while researching critical issues, organize health care, service agencies, and homeless people themselves to improve care and collaborates with a broad range of public and private entities interested in the problems of health care and homelessness

Why Housing Is Health Care 

Our integrated housing approach combines high-quality housing for homeless families with affordable homes for individuals and families with lower incomes. Wrap-around supportive services such as counseling, life skills training, financial literacy, and employment assistance contribute to housing stability for those who were once homeless. Our quality architectural designs and environmental standards add significant value to neighborhoods and cultivate pride and well-being among residents and the larger community while striving to:

-Create and disseminate knowledge regarding the interaction of inadequate housing and poor health.

-Maintain active relationships with a broad range of service providers, consumer and advocacy groups, academic     institutions, and public officials, in the United States and internationally.

-Promote clinical practices and public policies that will improve the health status of people without homes or at risk of   homelessness.

-Demonstrate its commitment to human rights and adherence to its founding principles in its activities, governance   structure, internal policies, and external partnerships.






Dental Care   


Diabetes and periodontal disease are chronic conditions that impact all groups, regardless of income or housing status. However, these diseases are especially prevalent among people experiencing homelessness due to barriers in accessing health care services and prevention resources like dental hygiene products or nutritious food.

Hearing Loss     


Data on the prevalence of hearing loss among the homeless are scarce and few programs exist to address the problem. The Tennessean reports that local community groups, a homeless shelter and a Metro Council member, who is incidentally an audiologist by profession, have joined forces in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) to launch a pilot project to screen homeless and low-income residents for hearing impairment