Calalus Charities 

About Mobile Clinic

November 2019 -

Calalus's Mobile unit is a designed mobile health clinics to meet the patients’ needs. Our clinics show up in a patient’s neighborhood, making the experience a little more trustworthy and convenient. Across the country, patients living in health deserts suffer from limited care access and other socioeconomic barriers to healthcare. But mobile health clinics are changing that, driving better patient access to care by pulling right into a patient’s neighborhood.

A mobile health clinic is a basic exam room located onsite. These vehicle-based clinics belong to the health systems or can be their own entities. Traveling to medically underserved areas to help connect patients to care when patients would have otherwise gone without care.

Mobile health clinics have become common tools for health systems working to reach their otherwise unreachable patient populations. According to a 2017 report from the Advisory Board, patients report numerous barriers to accessing care:

-Fifty-three percent of low-income adults don’t trust healthcare

-Twenty percent are deterred by high healthcare costs

-Twenty-five percent lack transportation to medical appointments

-Others report social isolation, racial or economic barriers or cultural barriers

-Eleven percent lack insurance coverage